How is changing

Catching up

CityHook is changing. We have released a whole new class of features and connections to be more helpful to travellers worldwide. We have simplified the search and booking component, making it easier and faster for you to sort out your first and last mile. We won't stop until we make CityHook becomes the go-to service for transport for everyone.

The journey so far has brought us from being a simple information-only app to creating an instant distribution technology which now powers the app.

We connect directly with transportation companies in 50 different countries. We have brought many services from the offline to the online market. And we have done it for web and mobile. Download our new app from the Apple store to see how it changed and how comfortable can make your trips.

More to come

We are not stopping here. Our team is buzzing to deliver more transport options, more flexibility and the new “my cityhook” account, to help you save your trip on desktop as you can already do on mobile.

Kevin O'Shaughnessy,