She Went to See the World

Kara Mulder remembers seeing flight attendants while headed to her airport gate on a bus during her teenage years one Christmas day. At that time she thought “that must be the worst job in the world”. Little did she know that a few years later she would be proud to call that job a huge part of who she is today.
Kara is the creator of “The Flight Attendant Life”, an extremely entertaining blog based on her life as a flight attendant. With funny blog posts, inspirational videos and suggested travel links to check out, she puts together a blog that keeps her audience entertained with her day-to day life. A life that we can only applaud her for being able to keep under control.
We learn the true meaning of wanderlust through her experiences. When she isn’t working on a plane she is a passenger on one headed to her next adventure. Airplanes are her home in the sky.
She spends the majority of her time traveling and has grown accustomed to living out of her suitcases. After being asked what she thought about her hectic life, she took one moment and then responded in her easy and cheery tone, “My life is in suitcases and I can choose which direction to go”.
While talking to Kara it is clear that all of the adventures and experiences that there are to be had out there keep her looking forward to the next journey! She even claims that the best trips come with no itinerary, and I couldn’t agree more!
In this day in age it’s easy to over-schedule and always have a plan, but once in a while you have to look up from your itinerary and see what little things a destination has to offer…off the beaten path.
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Kevin O'Shaughnessy,