Better boarding by Ryanair

Ryanair is hoping to make your trip easier with a new app they launched.  This app that will allow passengers to pull up their boarding passes on their phones rather than having to print it out before getting to the airport. This revolutionary app will have a huge impact on lowering the stress of flying and reducing how many ink cartridges are used each year.

Along with attainment of boarding passes, this app will also allow users to book flights, check-in, check fares, and even choose their seats. All of these features are friendly to the traveler on the go. Since 39.82% of Ryanair passengers are 18-34 years of age this app works to keep a big chunk of their customers happy.

However, Ryanair may not be on the best terms with the ink cartridge industry.

Think about it, if all Ryanair passengers that currently check into their flight using the “print at home” method used the mobile app to check in, this would save about ~€2.5M of spending on ink each year.

In 2013, Ryanair had 79.3 million passengers. By my calculation, the typical domestic printer might manage to print about 300 boarding passes per ink cartridge. This means about 264,333 ink cartridges were used in 2013 only for printing Ryanair boarding passes.

One thing I’ve noticed is that trips don’t start when you get on the plane: They start when you are running around making sure that you have ink in your printer so you can print off your boarding pass.

For those who don’t “print at home”, the trip starts with getting to the airport earlier so they can connect to the airport WiFi, bring up their PDF version of their boarding pass and convince a nice assistant at check-in to print it out.

With this great new app, Ryanair is showing us they are trying to improve the passengers experience by modernizing check-in.  

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Kevin O'Shaughnessy,