Privacy Statement

We have prepared this statement to help you understand how we process data that relates to you using the Service., the CityHook mobile application and related interactive CityHook services (the 'Service') is operated by Slí Virtus ID Limited of 1 Grants Row, D02HX96 Dublin 2, Ireland with registration number 518137.

1 How your data is processed and disclosed

We only request, process, communicate or retain the minimum data required to offer you the Service, to allow Transport Partners to fulfil your bookings and to maintain the security of our Service.
Your personal details will not be disclosed to a third party without your consent, unless in exceptional circumstances in accordance with Irish law.

Your personal data is used in the following ways:

1.1 General

When you navigate our websites, apps and support services, and use our search features, the following data may be shared with us:

  1. The type of browser (if applicable), computing device, language and operating system you use to use our Service; the name of the site that referred you to us, such as a search engine or a news article.

  2. How you used our services such as the buttons clicked and searches performed. Part of this may be processed by Google Inc (US) and Mouseflow ApS (Denmark).

  3. Your location to search for services available in your area. This may be shared anonymously with Transport Partners to perform this search.

  4. Address information, and partial address information that you provide. This may be processed anonymously by us or by third parties including Google Maps (US), Here Global BV (NL), Komoot GmbH (Germany) and Foursquare (US) to interpret the address correctly.

  5. Flight information you provide. This may be processed anonymously by us or by third parties including FlightStats Inc (US) and FlightAware LLC (US).

  6. Information about errors and crashes, including related system activity, if an error occurs. This is stored in a way that cannot be used to personally identify you.

  7. Information which could be used to identify you if, at our sole discretion, we believe our service is being used by an automated system, in a fraudulent, excessive or abusive way, or if we receive a security alert connected to your usage of the service.

  8. When you use our support services, your data will be processed by third party service providers.

  9. We use Zendesk Inc (US) to manage all of our customer contact with you, including emails to our support address. If you contact us by email, it will first be processed by Google (US). If you contact us by any method other than email, your data will also be processed securely by Smooch Technologies Inc (Canada).

  10. If you optionally choose to contact us via Facebook Messenger, Telegram Messenger or by SMS, your communications with us will be processed by Facebook Inc (US), Telegram Messenger LLP (UK, US) and Twilio Inc (US) respectively, before it reaches us. If you have any privacy concerns regarding communication using these methods, please do not use them.

  11. Our systems may request to store information to identify you and your preferences to us while you interact with our service, including cookies and local storage.

  12. If we link to third party services, they may collect information about your use of their website which we do not have access to.

  13. We will retain your data for 90 days from the date it was submitted to us, or longer if we are required to by law. Aggregate, anonymous or derivative data may be retained indefinitely.

1.2 Bookings

When you make a booking for travel, the following data may be shared with us:

  1. Your name, company name, telephone number(s), email address, shipping address where applicable, flight or accommodation details, username and password when needed, your billing address, date of birth and country of residence.

  2. We use validation services for your email address and phone number provided. This may be processed by Mailgun Technologies Inc (US), Twilio Inc (US), 3G Telecommunications Ltd (UK), Kickbox Inc (US), Fullcontact Inc (US).

  3. General information about your trip and the specific information about the service required: pickup time, drop-off point, special requests related to specific needs, service preference, luggage number and type, final destination related information, loyalty memberships, as well as any information explicitly requested from you as part of the search or purchase process.

  4. We may use the information you provide to us to contact you about any promotional campaigns we may run and important changes to our services or terms; you may opt-out of these messages. Your contact details will be processed by Mailchimp Inc (US).

  5. If you make a transport booking through our service, we will retain your contact details in order to contact you for operational reasons to do with your booking.

  6. We may contact you in relation to the smooth operation of your journey.

  7. We may communicate information to financial institutions as part of the purchase and payment process for payment authorization or to protect the integrity of the payment process.

  8. If you make payments with 'Mastercard', 'American Express', 'Visa', 'iDeal' or 'Sofort' your details may be processed by Stripe Inc (US); some of your details may be processed by MaxMind Inc (US)

  9. If you make payments with 'Paypal', your details will be processed by Paypal, Inc (US)

  10. If you make payments with 'Fire', your details will be processed by Fire Financial Services, Ltd (Ireland)

  11. If you make payments for journeys with Deutsche Bahn, your details will be processed by Deutsche Bahn (Germany)

  12. we may change these providers at any time without notice.

  13. We will transmit some of your personally-identifying information to the Transport Partner you chose to book with. They may contact you about your booking in the normal course of their operations. We require that our transport partners comply with our privacy guidelines. Your details may only be used for marketing purposes by our Transport Partners if you consent to this separately.

  14. We may receive your geographic location during your journey. We may use this information to track the successful completion of the trip.

  15. If you found out about our service through a third-party company, they may require us to place a tracking pixel to measure their performance as our affiliate.

  16. If you are using our service as part of a corporate programme, such as for work, we will disclose all aspects of your journey to the programme administrator.

  17. We will retain this information for up to 2 years following the date of the journey, or longer if required by law. After this time, we will store an anonymous copy of your data for analysis purposes for an indefinite period.

1.3 Your Account

When you sign up for an account with us

  1. We will collect your name, telephone number and email address, username and password.
  2. We may also, at your discretion, collect your booking preferences including your billing and shipping addresses, information to support your booking including loyalty memberships and any information explicitly requested from you as part of the search or purchase process.

2 Security Notice

  1. We employ the most appropriate physical and technical measures, which includes staff training and awareness, to protect your data and the integrity of our systems. These policies are reviewed regularly.
  2. We store personal data on servers located in the European Union unless you consent otherwise.
  3. Your data may be processed or stored on servers operated by companies who are compliant with the terms of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which may include Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Akamai Inc and Edgecast Networks Inc.
  4. Where possible, our processors will store any data related to the Service in the European Union.

3 Contacting Us

If you have a concern regarding privacy on the Service, or if you have any queries or complaints regarding our privacy policies, please send an email to from a reputable email service. Correspondence from any other source, including registered post, phone calls or to another email address, will not be entered into.

4 Your Rights

You may request a copy of your personal data; request rectification or erasure of your personal data at any time in accordance with your rights under Irish Law and EU regulations. Any such requests may only be made at /c/dsar. We will take appropriate measures to authenticate all requests such that your personal data is not released to anyone other than you.

5 General

  1. This statement will be governed by and construed in accordance with Irish law, irrespective of the country from which you access or use the Service, and any disputes relating to this statement will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Ireland.
  2. We may modify this statement without notice at any time.
  3. This statement has been prepared to comply with the following Irish legal requirements: The Data Protection Acts 1988 & 2003 ('The Acts') and the General Data Protection Regulation ('SI 679/2016').