Partnering with CityHook

CityHook is a web and mobile solution for travellers. If you want to partner with us you can join Indigo, the airport-to-city ground transportation network.

Transport Operators

Every company running a quality ground transportation service can be part of Indigo. We can integrate with your reservation software or provide you with our own web-based system. Indigo technology can power search and reservation for bus tickets as well as real-time taxi hailing. To learn more about working with Indigo talk to our team.

Travel Retailers

Indigo power a unique API that can be integrated by Airlines and Startups alike. We always engage with companies that are designing solutions to improve the passenger experience. To learn more about this opportunity visit our page for Travel Professionals.


We are inspired by those who build new solution for passengers and Travel Professionals. If you are designing the next generation travel product and you want to add airport connection to your offer, you can visit our developers page.


CityHook can be useful to firms and corporations to keep travel expenses under control. Airport to city services often represent a difficult cost centre to manage. By using a combination of our mobile and desktop solutions we can help your company stay on top of these costs. Visit our dedicated page to learn more.