How to download it

CityHook keeps up with you while you travel. Start by downloading a single app for every journey can download CityHook mobile app for iPhone and iPad from the App Store to start planning your journeys door to door. If you are not an Apple user don't worry, you can book in advance on our mobile-optimized site. We're working hard to deliver the android and windows phone.

How to use it

Once you dowload the app, sign up for a free account. It only takes few seconds. Then you can start planning your journeys with us. We have designed our booking experience as an imaginary Metro line. Follow the stops and complete your travel itinerary. First, enter the location where you are traveling from. It could be an airport or an address in a city. Check the results and confirm the pick up point. The second step is to enter the correct date and time of your journey. Be very careful here, this information will be sent to the local provider of your choice as you finalise your booking. You want them to know exactly when you are expecting your service to be delivered. Third, you select the final destination and compare the options. You can refine your search by reading through the detail pages. Fourth, once you have selected the local transport provider you want to reserve with, click on the personal details icon to add your flight number or to add more passengers. Finally click the green button to finalise your reservation. Your booked trip will be securely stored within the app itself, in the My Journeys section. You will be able to check your confirmation at any time and show it to the local provider staff if required.

When mobile matters

Every traveller plans their trips in different ways and at different times. This is why we provide you with a mobile and a desktop solution. With CityHook Mobile you can book your transportation service as you are waiting to board your departure flight. You can sort out your last mile details before fastening your seatbelt on the plane.
If you usually arrange your accommodation details on the last minute, CityHook Mobile is a great way to quickly complete your itinerary on the go, in just few clicks.

Fly without surprises

As you are booking a flight on you laptop, use CityHook Mobile to check the first and last mile component of your trip. By monitoring the airport connection cost and travel time for early morning and late night flights you can stay on top of your travel budget, especially when traveling from and to regional airports.

Use it for your business journeys

If you need an easier way to report your travel expenses than paper receipts or vouchers, try us. Book your airport connections via CityHook Mobile to comfortably store all your taxi, train, bus and limousine expenses in a single place.