Make a Booking

Why to make a booking: travel itinerary completed

To get your travel planning sorted you can now compare and book fares and services for your first and last mile. This is important: every time you flight, you can spend up to 75% of your original air fare on ground transportation to and from airports. So, whether you are traveling for leisure or business, CityHook can help you understand what the options are and help you travel in comfort, safety and without stress. By organising your ground transportation in advance you will save time and money in destination. To book in advance means to stay on top of your travel budget, to avoid the need for local currency or queuing.

How to start a booking: quick search

To make a reservation with CityHook is easy. Enter your final destination's name or address in the main search-bar. Compare the options and select the service among the ones highlighted that suits your travel needs best. To refine your search you can filter the results by airport or by type of vehicle, and we will show you a short list of services of your interest. By clicking on one of the results you will get access to a detail page, where you can learn more about the local operator, the fare and the trip time. If you have any doubts about what is best for you, you can talk to our team using the live chat.

How to close a booking: quick selection and payment

Once you have selected your service of choice, you will have to enter the specific information about your trip. When you are booking an on demand service you are likely to be asked for your flight number. This information is key for our local providers to send the car in time to pick you up. In case of flight delays the driver will be allerted and you will not have to worry. After the payment is processed you will receive a confirmation of your reservation via email. The confirmation is automatic and it happens in realtime.

How to make a booking: advanced search

You also have the option to choose the advance search functionality. As you initiate the search you will be able to enter the departure address and the destination address in two different search fields, along with the date of travel. The results highlighted will be the best services and fares we have to the travel details you have entered. You can also refine your search by indicating the direction of your journey. CityHook help you book from airport to city, from city to airport, to and from airport and from and to airport. Make sure you enter the correct details to help the transport operator localise you. Remember: to better compare between the options you have shortlisted, select the service you like and learn about the fare and the length of the trip in the details page. Only when you are sure about your selection, move on to the checkout page.
###Confirmation email
Your reservation is confirmed in real time and you will receive an email automatically. Check your email to make sure you have entered the right details and to learn more information about the local transport operators. When booking scheduled services, such us Express Buses or Trains, you might be required to print a physical ticket. You you are ever in doubt, talk to our team via the live chat. To learn more about how CityHook work visit our related page.