Flying, Drinking, and Ambien don't mix!

A lot of crazy things can happen on flights and a lot of great stories can be gathered by the people who fly the most…flight attendants. We asked some flight attendants for their weirdest stories and this is the most unbelievable one we have received so far:

“Flying, drinking, and Ambien don’t mix!

On our 777 aircraft we have bassinets that attach to the wall at the bulkhead in our coach cabin. We carry lots of newborn babies back from Asia, but that’s another story. On this particular flight there was a young business man seated in the second row in coach. He drank several cocktails during the dinner service and went to sleep shortly after. During the night he woke up, proceeded to the bulkhead, whipped it out and urinated in the bassinet, with the baby in it! Of course the mother goes ballistic. During all the commotion the man comes to and claims that he took Ambien, but it wasn’t a problem because he always does that on long flights. But he swears he didn’t pee on the baby. He didn’t even remember doing it. We had to move the lady and baby away from the area and spend the rest of the flight calming her down. I’m sure that isn’t the end of the stories for our airline.”

More stories to come!

Kevin O'Shaughnessy,