Dublin Bikes and Coca-Cola Zero Partnership

Coca-Cola Zero has partnered with the Dublin Bikes scheme to make for a fun and dynamic duo focused on increasing cycling in Dublin. This partnership started from the end of June and will go on for 3 years.

The Dublin Citi Bikes have taken the city by storm by creating an easier way to get around at a low cost. Since the founding of Dublin bikes in 2009,  there has been seven million rentals and of those there are 42,000 long-time subscribers. In fact the ratio is about 39 cardholders per bike. The Coca-Cola Zero and Dublin Bikes partnership has taken steps to organize the demanding demographic by creating an app showing you where the next free bike is and the closest stand.  

All in all the Coca-Cola Zero and Dublin Bikes partnership is making a innovative decisions to make sure that members have a great experience. You can visit http://www.dublinbikes.ie/ for more information.

Kevin O'Shaughnessy,