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Find the best connection between some of our featured airports and cities below. If your destination isn't here, check back again soon - our research team are currently finalizing hundreds of new connections.
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The CityHook app finds the best airport transfer options for routes across Europe. The app will locate you on arrival and find the best options to nearby destinations.

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Our mission is to make Airport Transfers easy for passengers and travel professionals alike

CityHook is team of researchers and technologists based in Dublin, Milan and across Europe.

We've built the CityHook database and products with a single, simple goal in mind: to find the best way between airport and city.

Whether for advance planning or information on-arrival, CityHook's mission is to make the journey simple for passengers, and to do this in a fair way for all actors in the travel business.

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For Transfer Providers

We make it easy for passengers to find and also to book the best way between airport and city for them. We’re also working to make it easier for the providers of airport transfer services.

We focus on delivering great information in a easy and understandable way, translated into multiple languages, to help passengers enjoy their first step in a new country. For transfer providers, we reduce your costs by providing advance reservations.

Joining the CityHook network is free or at no incremental cost.

Integrating with CityHook is easy: we are a young and innovative company and we will look after your specific needs.

Contact us to find out more or for a demo of our next-generation reservations.

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